CHC Requirements


The CHC requires 500 classroom hours, 450 of which can be obtained via distance learning. Here is how you can get your classroom hours through the TIH program:

Phase One: Successful completion of the TIH Basic Course (which is the prerequisite for the TIH Professional Course) for 84 hours of credit.
Fee: $1,500

Phase Two: Successful completion of the 3 year TIH Basic Course for a total of 576 hours.
Fee: $4,500 per year

The total of these four courses is 660 hours, 160 hours more than is needed to apply to take the written portion of the CHC exam. However, since these extra 160 hours are in Case Analysis and Observation, they may be applied to the Clinical Training hours required by the CHC for the second phase of the certification process.


The CHC requires 250 hours of clinical training plus 10 of your own cases that are supervised by a Certified Classical Homeopath. Here is how you get the required clinical hours:

Phase One: Successful completion of the TIH Clinical Practice and Supervision Course for a total of 192 hours. This plus the additional 160 hours carried over from the Professional Course gives you a total of 352 hours of clinical study.
Fee: $4,500

Phase Two: Case Supervision 10 cases with 2 follow ups per case to conclude the CHC requirements.
Fee: Included in the fee for the Clinical Practice and Supervision couse.

NOTE: The CHC originally required 500 hours of clinical training and could go back to that requirement at any time. So, in the interest of a quality education, the TIH would rather teach more hours than less.