Professional Course

THREE YEAR PROGRAM: The 3 year program meets for a four-day weekend every other month over 3 years, for a total of 18 weekends.

ACCELERATED 18 MONTH PROGRAM: The accelerated program meets for a three-day weekend every month over 18 months.

The course is CASE BASED so, the student will learn Materia Medica, Philosophy, and Repertory by studying and analyzing appropriate cases.  Remedies will be viewed from a family, kingdom, and/or a miasmatic point of view and differentiation between remedies in that family, kingdom, and/or miasm will be stressed as well as the differentiation between those remedies and 'look alike' remedies in other family, kingdoms or miasms.  Differentiations are, also, often between remedies of the present class session and ALL the previous remedies in that family, kingdom, and/or miasm. 
By studying case examples, the student will not only learn how to analyze cases, they will learn how to take them by using many different strategies in order to solicit information that will be beneficial to the homeopath and which will enable him/her to make a more confident and relatively fast prescription.


All students, except for those requesting an exemption, will be required to complete two Human Sciences courses, Anatomy & Physiology and Pathology & Disease. Both of these courses can be taken by correspondence and can be obtained through the TIH. There is a separate charge for each of these courses.  A college level Anatomy & Physiolgy course may, also, be taken at a local college/university or online. 

Students may request to be exempt from the Anatomy & Physiology course requirement based on prior academic training in this area.  However, the TIH will require a transcript of completion from an accredited institution for this course or evidence of current enrollment in such a course before the TIH class year begins. The course must be the equivalent of a 3 hour college course.

Students with health related training such as MD, ND, DC, BScPharm, BSN, DDS and DVM are exempt from this course provided they submit academic transcripts and/or professional licenses at the time of application.

Acceptance by the TIH of credentials in Anatomy & Physiology does not guarantee that the student has met the CHC criteria for this course.

All students will, also, be required to complete the Disease & Pathology course for Alternative Practioners offered by the TIH unless they intend to claim an exemption because of a current medical license.



Course Basics and the Minerals

1)  Concept of Families, Kingdoms, & Miams 
         Periodic Table - Keynotes of all mineral remedies
2)  Hydrogen, Carbon, and Silica line
3)  Ferrum line
4)  Silver line
5)  Gold line
6)  Uranium series - Noble gases - Miscellaneous

Human Sciences
Human Sciences studies will begin in Year One.  Unless a student has already met the Human Sciences requirements for the Anatomy & Physiology course, the student will be required to enroll in an Anatomy & Physiology course online or at a local university or purchase the Anatomy & Physiology self-study course offered by Alternative Training.




1)  Keynotes of all plant remedies - Solanacea
2)  Compositae, Umbelliferae, Papavaaceae
3)  Anacardiaceae, Cactaceae, Cruciferae, Euyphorbiaceae, Primulaceae
4)  Ranunculaceae, Violales, Theales
5)  Liliflorae, Loganiaceae, Rutacea
6)  Fungi, carnivorous plants, Cactacea, Hamamelidae   
Human Sciences
Unless a student has a current medical license and wishes to claim an exemption, ALL students will be required to purchase and successfully complete the self-study course, Disease & Pathology, offered by Alternative Training.



1)  Keynotes of all animal remedies - Snakes
2)  Spiders
3)  Insects and Parasites
4)  Birds
5)  Mammals and Lacs
6)  Water creatures

CHC examination

Preparation to sit for Phase I of the CHC examination