1 Year Basic Course

The course is designed to take the student, step by step, toward an understanding of homeopathy and a knowledge of how to apply it. Through lectures and assigned studies, your thinking and perception will develop.

Assessment and evaluation provide important feedback in your developmental process. Consequently, exams will be held at the beginning of each class session. Home assignments after each session will help cement the in-class instruction.  In-class participation is, also, essential to your development.


What is health? What is illness? What is cure? Why do some people suffer from repeated illness, while others don’t?

The Basic Course is a deep exploration of what homeopathy is all about. Through learning the principles and philosophy that are the cornerstone of this healing art, you will begin to make the shift in thinking to understanding health and illness from a holistic perspective.

This is an exciting and stimulating course that will allow you to “test the waters” of homeopathy while providing you with a sound, systematic understanding of its principles and philosophy. You will learn how to apply homeopathy effectively as a means of self-help for yourself, family, and friends in simple first aid and everyday acute situations. While this year alone will not train you to be a homeopathic practitioner, it is the basis for learning more in-depth homeopathy and is the foundation for practitioner training.

Homeopathic Principles and Philosophy
Homeopathy is essentially a holistic, energetic approach to healing. This dynamic and holistic nature of health, disease, and cure is outlined primarily by Hahnemann in the Organon and will be stressed and discussed in great detail.

A cross reference text between symptoms and homeopathic remedies, indexed by symptom. 

Materia Medica
Refers to the homeopathic remedies themselves and their symptoms.  Remedies studied this year will include major remedies for first aid usage and remedies that are commonly used in everyday acute problems. Some of the major polycrests will, also, be studied.

The following topics will be covered in the Basic Course:
*Homeopathic history
*Nature of health, disease, and cure
*Vital force and susceptibility to disease
*First aid, acute and chronic disease differentiation
*Law of similars and law of direction of cure
*Acute case-taking, analysis and prescribing
*Genus epidemicus
*First aid prescribing
*Potency repetition related to first aid and acute prescribing
*Primary and secondary action
*Repertory structure and usage
*Homeopathic therapeutics in acute disease (flu, colds, ear complaints, headaches, childhood problems, digestive problems, etc.)
*Schussler’s biochemic tissue salts

The duration of the course will be 6 sessions of 2 days each (Saturday and Sunday).  Each session will be scheduled approximately every other month.  Please refer to the 'Class Schedule' tab for the exact dates.
Saturday mornings:  Philosophy and the Organon
Saturday afternoon:  Repertory study
Sunday mornings:  Quiz
Sunday afternoon:  Acute diseases and homeotherapeutics

This course will be given wherever 10 students enroll. 

The Austin classes will be held at:

People's Pharmacy
3801 South Lamar (near the West Ben White Blvd and Loop 343)
Austin, Texas  78704
(512) 444-8866