The Institute

The Texas Institute for Homeopathy (TIH) is proud to offer the following opportunities in homeopathic education.

1.  A 1 year Basic Course in classical and therapeutic homeopathy.  

This course is structured to provide in-depth knowledge for the beginner and/or layman.  It is for those students who desire to receive a basic foundation in homeopathy in order to be able to use homeopathy acutely with their family and friends.  

The Syllabus will cover the history and tenets of homeopathy along with the Philosophy, Organon, Repertory, and Materia Medica with emphasis on acute care and the polycrests.

An Associate in Homeopathy diploma will be granted upon successful completion of the one year course.

NOTE:  It must be stressed that this course will neither qualify nor entitle a graduate to practice homeopathy professionally.  However, this course does qualify as the prerequisite for the Professional Course should a student wish to continue his/her education.

2.  The Online, Tutored Version of the 1 year Basic Course.

This course is no longer offered by the TIH.

3. The Professional Course.

A case based, professional course in classical as well as family, kingdom and miasmatic homeopathy. The course meets every other month for the duration of 3 years. This course will be taught on-site in San Antonio, Texas.

The Professional Course is all about CASE ANALYSIS using the family, kingdom and miasmatic methods of case analyses.  Since, previous study in classical homeopathy is a required prerequisite, NO materia medica, repertory, or philosophy will be taught except as it pertains to a particular case analysis and then, only in context of the family, kingdom, miasm.

The GOAL of the course is to learn to analyze cases in a disciplined manner and using many different methods in order to arrive at a  remedy choice as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

The AIM of this course is to enhance your skills as a professional homeopath so that you can help more clients in less time and with a whole lot less effort. 

The RESULT of learning how to analyze cases using this method is that you will, also, learn how to take cases more efficiently.

Graduates of the program will receive a Degree in Homeopathy from the TIH and will be entitled to use the DHom credential.

4. The Accelerated Professional Course.

This course is identical to the Professional course except that the class sessions will be every month over an 18 month period, instead of every other month. Consequently, the student must be prepared for an extremely intense learning experience and have the desire and time available for such a rigorous schedule.

The course is by private arrangement only and is offered at the sole discretion of the Executive Director.

5.  A Clinical Practice and Supervision Course.

This course is considered to be Year Four of the Professional Course but, can be taken by students who have successfully completed, at least, 500 hours of formal homeopathic education from another educational institution.

It is for the serious and advanced student who wishes to practice homeopathy professionally. It is designed to assist them in honing their case taking and prescribing skills as well as to assist the student in preparing to take Phase II of the CHC examination. This course fulfills the CHC Phase II prerequisite of 250 hours of student case taking and analysis.

This course consists of six lecture sessions in San Antonio, Texas, plus the completion of 20 case analysis papers of student taken cases. Live and paper cases will be analyzed and supervised by the TIH supervisors.

The course work must be completed within two years from the date of the first class session. Successful completion of the course will result in the awarding of a Master's Degree in Homeopathy and the prestigious MHom credential.

6. The TIH will regularly sponsor seminars with experienced and oftentimes, famous homeopaths.

The TIH is committed to a program of continuing homeopathic education for its students as well as for the lay public interested in homeopathy. As often as possible, the TIH will endeavor to bring to San Antonio lecturers, teachers, and cutting edge homeopaths from all over the world.