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Divya Chhabra

Divya Chhabra

DECEMBER 3-6, 2009

The state within is but the story of the substance itself.

RECOGNIZING the pieces of the story within, scattered through the fabric of every day life is the first step.

FREE ASSOCIATION from the conscious symptoms to the unconscious is the path to the simillimum.

The CONFLUENCE of the emotional, the chief physical complaints, and the state within or source,
leads to clarity for THE SIMILLIMUM

Deciding the POTENCY is the next step

Repertory, provings, kingdoms, family or group study and the study of the substance itself are key tools for the process.

The seminar is all about recognizing the state within with a crystal clear method where both the client and the homeopath swirl in a perfectly tuned, energized and yet, effortless dance to the similimum.  While emphasizing the refined aspects of the Dr. Chhabra's process, the seminar content will, also, define and refine the materia medica of some key families through the viewing of video cases.  Cases of FUNGI, WORMS, RADIOACTIVE SUBSTANCES, CARBONS, SEA ANIMALS, BIRDS, etc., will bring the material medica alive as well as empower you to discover new remedies while refining your knowledge of known remedies.


The state is illogical; that is apparently unreasonable, especially in not being in or giving the expected response in either mind or body.Hence to reach this point of unreasonableness we must take at some point a QUANTUM LEAP away from logical themes.

_When to take this jump

_how to let-go of the previous premises and themes

so that we reach the perfect simillimum, is the key theme of this seminar. The results, on reaching this point through a different form of free assosciation and an ideal spontaneous CONFLUENCE, are but amazing.

An ardent homoeopath and extremely popular teacher the world over. Students are drawn to her lectures for her in depth case taking, her use of the circle theory and free association technique, her provings, work on potencies, and more recently the technique of arriving at the confluence point of the case. Her clarity, confidence and ease make her teaching very absorbing.

Divya Chhabra is well-known for her special approach to case taking called circle theory, in which everything is looped in one single chain to understand the very essence of the case.  She places great emphasis on looking beyond the patient's obvious symptoms and conditions to determine his or her individual core state of being.  With the help of a technique called 'free association' that she herself developed, she traces the origin of each symptom in a highly skillful way to reach the exact energy of the case and the appropriate remedy.  She uses the subconscious states of the patient, which are, in part, expressed through dreams, to reach the deep-seated core delusion that ultimately manifests into physical and mental symptoms and brings the patient to us. 

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